Developing a Career in Stand Up Comedy


Developing a Career in Stand Up Comedy 

Instructor: Richy Leis
Date: TBD
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Workshop Information:
Live comedy provides a variety of roles and opportunities. Everything from open mic, guest spots, hosting, feature, and headliner. 
Where do you fit in and how can you succeed? 
This workshop will provide you with the education you need to develop your comedy career. 
Whether you´re just starting off in stand up or an experienced comedian wanting to take your skill set up a notch, you won´t want to miss this 3 hour intense workshop. Space is limited, reserve your spot now.  

Every role plays an integral part of the success or failure of a stand up show. The host (emcee) is responsible for keeping the energy up in the room, connecting with the crowd and getting them excited about each comic that comes to the stage. Features must know how to properly follow the host and compliment the headliner. Come learn how to perfect your skills in this one day workshop for stand up comedians so you can continue to increase your bookings.  

In this class you’ll learn:
+ DOs and DON’Ts
+ How to approach bookers
+ How to market yourself
+ How to get booked (bio, video, headshot, professionalism)
+ How & when to apply material to different audiences
+ Greeting an audience
+ What is considered appropriate material 
+ Etiquette
+ Reading an audience
+ Defining clean
+ Offstage professionalism
+ Closing the show
+ Getting feedback 
+ Open Mic Host VS. Show Host and Producing
+ How and what to look for when starting/producing your own shows
+ Much much more

About the instructor: Richy Leis has been producing and performing in comedy shows for 15 years. Richy is the Creative Director for Comic Cure producing shows in the Los Angeles area with some of the best names in comedy such as Dana Carvey (SNL), Craig Robinson (The Office), Whitney Cummings (Chelsea Lately) Kevin Farley (Tommy Boy), Eddie Peptone (Netflix), Jonathan Kite (2 Broke Girls), Mary Lynn Rajskub (24), Erin Foley (Comedy Central), Laurie Kilmartin (Conan), Tony Baker (Last Comic Standing) and many more. His résumé includes booking 50 comedy shows per week with 12,000 talent spots per year for one of the biggest comedy clubs in the Los Angeles area. His most recent notable work is on the Burbank Comedy Festival ( in Burbank, CA. Now in its 3rd year, the Burbank Comedy Festival spans an entire week featuring celebrity comedy shows, podcasts, classes, workshops, after parties, and industry panels, networking comedians of all levels directly with the top agents, reps, managers and club, college and TV bookers, showcasing more than 300 comedians. The festival has expanded into 5 cities across the country with regional showcases.

Additionally, working as a professional comedian Richy has made a name for himself as a known warm up guy and has repeatedly opened for names such as Jeff Garlin, Whitney Cummings, and has also hosted the pilot taping of Dana Carvey’s new Impressionist TV show that has run throughout 2015. Richy has appeared on Lifetime’s Little Women:LA, Regular Skype caller on TMZ Live, Jamie Kaler Power Hour-Blue Collar Channel on Sirius/Xm, MTV’s Is She Really Going Out With Him, VH1’s Basketball Wives.

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