William “Rock the House” Lewis wins the Palmetto Bay Comedy Festival

It was nothing but non-stop laughter for a sold out, standing room only crowd at the inaugural Palmetto Bay Comedy Festival on Friday, April 15. With inclement weather in the area, the Ludovici Park Amphitheater stage became the perfect venue to seat 200 entertainment eager residents from Palmetto Bay and the surrounding neighborhoods. The night started off with Richy Leis (MTV, VH1) hosting the show telling comical stories from his childhood, followed by four past winners of Comic Cure’s festivals (Ben Zieper, Cesar Muñoz, Cristian Munarriz, William Lewis) competing for laughs and audience votes in an effort to be declared the winner of the 2016 Palmetto Bay Comedy Festival.  After Kira Soltanovich‘s (The Tonight Show) incredibly engaging headline performance the crowd walked away with wide smiles and enthusiasm for this night of comedy to become a routine tradition. William “Rock the House” Lewis received the most audience votes and now maintains the title of 2016 Palmetto Bay Comedy Festival Winner.  He wasn’t the only winner as the Everglades Foundation was able to spread awareness about their environmental mission to preserve and protect Florida’s Everglades. Additionally, they recruited volunteers and supporters from the audience and received a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales.

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Hal Feldman and Kira Soltanovich Three ComediansKira Soltanovich and Palmetto Bay Everglades Check