Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind

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Come join the award winning mentalist Guy Bavli on his journey into the mysteries of the human mind. You will enjoy an evening of telekinesis, humor, ESP, and interactive audience participation that’ll have you buzzing long after the final curtain call. Everyone who participates will be mesmerized as Guy demonstrates how the mind can overcome all. You will see how Guy can read your mind, predict your actions, and move objects without touching. Incredible mathematical abilities and even making couples Telepathically connect in a way never seen before. You will laugh, be inspired and you will be amazed.

For over 30 years the GUY Bavli has been featured in over 400 television shows, performed in 50 countries and has headlined at some of the most prestigious venues around the world, including 1,200 shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Bavli consistently delivers an interactive entertainment experience that will knock you off your socks with his belly-laughing humor, and amazing feats of the mind. Come and join us for a night of Psychic fun!
Leave your logic at the door… and take a walk on the Mind Side!   Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind®


“Blew my mind…”Miami New Times

“Guy is a Master in Mind over Matter control…” – Uri Geller

“A Great night of Fun and Mystery…” – Entertainment.

“Bavli thrills and amazes crowed night after night” – Show Biz Magazine

“Guy is the real deal” – Ross Mathews


Book Guy now by email or phone at (786) 564-2291.

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