Kirk Smith

Book Kirk now by email or phone at (786) 564-2291. Videos: Bio: Kirk Smith is a comedian and book author (Rice Krispies with Ketchup) who speaks from the heart about his experiences raising his autistic son. He focuses on the challenges and the lessons his family has learned, which are equally heartbreaking, uplifting and of course, hilarious. Kirk provides astute and timely advice that every family, […]


Book Sarge now by email or phone at (786) 564-2291. Video: Bio: Sarge is an extraordinary entertainer. A triple threat. A musical piano savant, amazing improvisational comedian and singer. Now, an author,  with the imminent release of “I’m Still Standing Up”,  which traces his hilarious, inspirational life of twists and turns, ups and downs which will leave you exhilarated and entertained. Sarge is […]

Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky

Book Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky now by email or phone at (786) 564-2291. Videos: Bio: Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky is dean of the School of Education and Human Development and vice provost for Institutional Culture at the University of Miami. Isaac holds the inaugural Erwin and Barbara Mautner Chair in Community Well-Being. He has published eight books, over 130 articles and chapters including his newest […]

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE: Miami Shores Summer Comedy Series

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                        July 9, 2016   LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE: MIAMI SHORES SUMMER COMEDY SERIES TO BENEFIT LGBTQ YOUTH IN SOUTH FLORIDA MIAMI SHORES – On July 29, Miami Theater Center (MTC) will host the first of three unique comedy shows featuring Florida’s funniest gay, lesbian and ally entertainers to benefit the Pridelines organization – Miami’s LGBTQ Community Center, and provide […]


Book LaTice now by email or phone at (786) 564-2291. Videos: Bio: LaTice was born and raised in the suburbs of South Jersey and has turned the challenges of being black in a white neighborhood into comedy. Her conversational style makes you feel like you’re in her living room laughing about interracial marriage, being a parent, reality TV, ridiculous commercials and her day-to-day encounters. LaTice will pull you […]