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Dana Eagle from Last Comic Standing

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Dana Eagle was a stand-out on NBC’s Last Comic Standing where she was a semi-finalist and featured in episodes highlighting the Top 100, Top 50 and Top 25 Jokes of the Season. Her other appearances include, The Late, Late Show, Comedy Central, and Comics Unleashed, where she became a contributing writer. Dana has worked with some of her comedy heroes such as Bill Maher, Robin Williams, and Maria Bamford, and has traveled overseas to perform for the American troops.

Eagle’s one-woman show Stones From Glass Houses was featured at the HBO US Comedy Art Festival and its sequel Mood Disorders: A Light-Hearted Romp Through Crippling Depression premiered at the Los Angeles Theater Festival. She appeared in an ABC Pilot with Jason Alexander and was the host of Comcast UNConventional, Showtime NEXT, and E! Entertainment Network’s, E! Life Lessons. Eagle began her career in musical theater but was asked to leave. Dana’s very first book, How To Be Depressed: A Guide was released in early 2017.

About the Book – How to Be Depressed: A Guide

Book publisher Knock Knock’s How to Be Depressed: A Guide by stand-up comedian Dana Eagle uses sharp wit and keen insight to explore the depressed mind while delivering big laughs. The interactive, illustrated guide is a can-do manual for anyone who’s ever been sad—or known someone who’s been sad. The author’s no-holds-barred one-liners and astute zingers help to ease the alienation those coping with depression often feel. Fun activities include “Finding Your Depressed Pose,” “How to Leave Things Unfinished,” and picking out “Depressed Fashions.” 

Eagle, who was diagnosed with depression as a preteen, is serious about delivering laughs—without denying the demons. “I always pushed to fix my depression: ‘Think positive! Go for a walk! Call a friend.’ It’s hard to swallow that much hope without choking on it. It takes a lot of work. Comedy is an opportunity to surrender, to safely explore the darkness. It’s a side door to acceptance and relief. That said,” she adds cheekily, “hold on to your pills.” 

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Book Dana now by email or phone at (786) 564-2291.

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