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Q: How do I know if I have been selected to perform?
A: The list of performers will be posted on www.ComicCure.com and notified via email.

Q: Does my submission guarantee a spot in a show?
A: No, a submission does not guarantee acceptance into any of our events.

Q: If accepted into the show do I get paid to perform?
A: Depending on the event, opportunities may be available to earn money. Typically, performers can earn $5 per ticket sold using their personal online promo code (a minimum of 5 tickets must be sold to receive a payout).

Q: If I get accepted are my travel and meals paid for?
A: No, all travel, lodging and food is the sole responsibility of the performer.

Q: If I don’t get accepted may I still attend as an audience member?
A: Yes if space is available. However you must email your name to media@comiccure.com to be placed on the guest list.

Q: If I don’t get accepted into the festival may I receive a refund of my submission fee?
A: No, submission fees are non-refundable.

Q: How many sets do I get?
A: If accepted, you get a minimum of one set. Limit one per show, meaning you cannot perform two sets in one show. Unless there is a semi-finals and finals round.

Q: How long is the set?
A: Unless otherwise stated. Comedians will typically have 3 minutes to perform their best comedy in our festivals. However, each show is different.

Q: Can I use curse words?
A: No. Comedians are asked to perform their best clean late night tv set. No vulgarity, no cursing.

Q: Is there a prize for coming in first place in your events?
A: Unless, otherwise stated. Yes, the winners (audience vote and judges vote) will receive prize money and the title of Festival Winner along the opportunity to perform in future shows.

Q: Is there a prize for coming in second, third, fourth, etc. place?
A: No, only the winner of each show will receive a prize. Unless otherwise stated.

Q: How will the winner be determined?
A: By audience vote with written ballot. Additionally, depending on the event, winners may also be determined by judges vote.

Q: I know someone involved in the production, can I just email them my submission?
A: No, all submissions must be entered the same way via the SUBMISSION PAGE.

Q: Can I choose when I get to perform?
A: Producers will evaluate the submissions and assign comedians to specific shows. Consideration will be granted to comedians with out of town paid commitments.

Q: How much is parking?
A: There is typically nearby street and garage parking for our events. Displayed rates apply.

Q: How old do I need to be to submit?
A: You must be at least 15 years and older to enter a submission.

Q:Where do I register when I arrive?
A:  If you have been selected to perform please arrive at the venue 60 minutes prior to show time and check in at the front desk.

Q:How long is the video submission suppose to be?
A:  3 to 5 Minutes please. Producers will watch the first 3 minutes so make sure your submission starts strong!

Q: If I do Sketch, Improv, and Stand Up can I submit multiple times?
A: If they are separate entities you may submit each as a separate entity.

Q: Are the shows in front of industry professionals that my career could benefit from?
A: Yes, we invite industry professionals and many have been known to attend our shows.  Be sure to put on your best show possible.

Q: Can I bring notes on stage?
A: No. Notes are strongly discouraged. Please know your material as best as possible.

Q: If I am accepted to perform do I get a complimentary guest pass?
A: No. However, depending on the event, please make sure your family, friends, and fans use your personal promo code (if available) for a discount on tickets.

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