Opportunities for Comedians

HOW TO GET BOOKED with Comic Cure

We look forward to getting to know you and your comedy better so we can find appropriate spots for you. As with any business, the better we know you and the more professional you are, the more opportunities you will have. We need to keep you at the top of our minds so we can book you for shows.

If you want to get booked to perform, do the following: Audition and…

#1: Be Funny | #2: Be Professional | #3: Be Supportive of Comic Cure


A: Part of our organizational mission is to support local comedians. We book for theaters, performing arts centers, private events and more. We also offer classes and workshops with industry professionals. Additionally, we offer opportunities to perform in public shows to everyone from beginners to headliners. Whatever your level, bring your best material every time you step on stage!

Professional comedians sell tickets. If you’re newer to comedy, we’re happy to work with you as you learn to build an audience/fanbase. We create flyers and offer discounts for almost every show we’ll book you on. Promote every show to the best of your ability. “Like” the Comic Cure Page on Facebook, and sign up for our email newsletter as we blast out performance, educational and professional development opportunities. When we ask for avails, have specific dates and times ready.

Be respectful of the other comedians, venue and production staffs. Keep all doorways and walkways clear and watch out for staff and servers. The Green Room is only to be used when you are performing. You are welcome to watch any of our shows for free (space permitting and minimum purchases observed). Support friends performing in shows, or come and watch the types of shows you think you’d like to be a part of.

Here are a few ways that you can get regular bookings in our shows:

  1. Audition: Let us know where and when we can see you perform live by sending an email to booking@comiccure.com. We’re based in Miami and Los Angeles so the closer you can perform to in those areas the better our chance of seeing you. Audition every 3 months so that we can see you as you grow as a comedian and re-evaluate what types of spots we book you for. Use this list of South Florida Open Mics and Booked Shows to find an opportunity to perform.
  2. Signup with us or enter a submission for one of our community comedy festivals: The winners of our contests often get booked for lots of different types of events, both in our shows and corporate gigs, theaters and many other events.  Click here to enter a submission.
  3. Take Classes: We believe in creating a community of comedians that support and help strengthen one another to do better comedy. If you are an active student in our classes and workshops, not only will you have the opportunity to perform in showcases but there will be comedians who you work with who are also producing shows here that may want to book you in their shows.
  4. Participate: Come to see shows. If there are seats available, we always try to offer comedians a seat at no charge. We do ask that you observe the two-item minimum in lieu of the cover charge. We apologize that on Special Events, there may not be seats, but we will do our best to accommodate you. You never know.
  5. Become approved: as an MC, Feature, or Headliner We will put you on a list and as spots become available at any of our shows. We will pull from that list first when we are looking for fill ins.
    • Q: How do I become an approved MC, Feature, and Headliner?
      • A: Audition and then be consistently funny, professional, and supportive.
    • Q: What do we do with you when you are an approved MC, Feature, or Headliner?
      • A: We will pull from that list first when we are booking and scheduling fill-ins.
  6. Once you have auditioned, performed on a show, have executed professionalism & support and brought the funny you can email booking@comiccure.com with your headshot, bio and demo video to have a booking page created for you on our website. Additionally, please make sure to complete the submission form so that we have all the necessary information needed to book and market you.
  7. Update Your Profile: Please keep your profile updated with credits and new video by emailing booking@comiccure.com.


Remember…Be Funny, Be Professional, Be Supportive 

Comic Cure