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Comic Cure’s Comedy Careers is the workshop series that offers direct access to comedy professionals in a moderated Q&A format. Guests include professional comedians, writers, club bookers, agents and managers. Attendees can submit questions in advance or during the LIVE show. Hosted by Richy Leis, Comic Cure, Creative Director. More than 50 full length archived workshops are available for purchase.


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Ep. 56: Mindy Sterling - Actress & Voice Actress

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Full Archive Length: 60 minutes 

Mindy Sterling answered questions like:

  1. We’re starting this episode a little differently but with a question we frequently ask...What’s the worst or the weirdest live show you’ve had?
  2. Where are you from and how’d you get into comedy?
  3. Who are some of your comedic influences?
  4. Your parents were both entertainers. What did you learn about the business from watching them?
  5. What are your best audition tips?
  6. How’d you get the role of Frau Farbissina? What was that process like?
  7. Cody asks: what was it like having a love scene with Mike Myers?
  8. Your character as Frau Farbissina has seen a revival as part of meme culture in 2020. What has that been like for you going viral as a meme?
  9. What’s your least favorite part of the business?
  10. You're so positive and fun in real life, how do you snap into a mean principal, boss, or friend role?
  11. What’s it like working with children and the cast of iCarly?
  12. The Groundlings has produced so many fantastic performers. Can you describe the method or process of how it all works?
  13. When doing improv, what do you tell yourself when it’s not going well?
  14. You do lots of voice acting. How'd you get into that?
  15. What are your thoughts on representation?
  16. Do you suggest going YouTube directly or finding an improv group?
  17. What are some goals or dreams you’d like to accomplish?


Mindy Sterling is a 2017 two time Emmy Nominee for Best Actress in Short Form Comedy or Drama for her work on CON MAN and SECS AND EXECS.She is probably best known for her character portrayal of The Frau Farbissina, Dr. Evil’s German henchwoman and lover, in all three AUSTIN POWERS Films.  She is delighted to be recurring on THE GOLDBERGS with mutual Groundlings alumni, Wendi McClendon Covey. On Netflix, she has guest starred on GRACE AND FRANKIE and A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS.Kids and parents know her from Disney’s ANT FARM and ICARLY. She is the voice of Lt. Lin Beifong on the Nickelodeon Animated Series, LEGEND OF KORRA. Her voice can also be heard on LOUD HOUSE, ADVENTURES OF PUSS IN BOOTS, PIG GOAT BANANA CRICKET, SCOOBY DOO, CHOWDER, and many others.  She recurred on BLACK-ISH, FX's LEGIT, and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. She guest-starred on LIFE IN PIECES, 2 BROKE GIRLS, DETOUR, YOUNG AND HUNGRY, and CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. Some of her memorable film credits are THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, and RENO911!

Ep. 57: Michael McShane - Actor, Singer & Improvisational Comedian

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Full Archive Length: 55 minutes

Michael McShane answered questions like: 

  1. Where are you from and how’d you get into comedy?
  2. You ended up on the british version of Whose Line Is it Anyway? How’d that come about?
  3. Whats your story from being stiffed?
  4. What was your audition like from Whose Line Is It Anyway?
  5. Did you have any mentors? What advice did they give you?
  6. What are some additional audition tips or advice you have?
  7. What advice do you have for a first time actor?
  8. Who were some of your comedic influences?
  9. You're fantastic at accents, dialects, sound effects. How'd you learn that?
  10. Do you do any voice over work?
  11. Did your time in the service influence your art?

What was it like working on the set of Robin Hood? What did you learn from that film?*****


Michael McShane is an American actor, singer, and improvisational comedian. He appeared on the original British television show Whose Line Is It Anyway? and went on to appear in films such as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Richie Rich, and Office Space.

Wed. Sept. 23: Tone Bell - Actor, Writer & Comedian (Click for Bio)

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Tone Bell is an actor, writer, and comedian known most recently for starring as Richard Pryor on the hit BET Series AMERICAN SOUL. He can currently be seen in the independent film THE WEEKEND, written and directed by Stella Meghie, with DeWanda Wise, Sasheer Zamata, Y’Lan Noel and Kym Whitley, available now on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

Tone also starred in the CBS series FAM with Nina Dobrev. Tone is best known for starring opposite Kathy Bates in Netflix’s original comedy series DISJOINTED, as well as several other half-hour comedy series: TRUTH BE TOLD, BAD JUDGE and WHITNEY for NBC. As an accomplished stand-up comic who tours nationwide, Tone filmed his first one-hour comedy special for Showtime, which began airing in February 2019.  TONE BELL: CAN’T CANCEL THIS can currently be seen on Showtime, Showtime Demand, Showtime Anytime, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Tone recently co-starred in Lee Daniels' THE U.S. VS. BILLIE HOLIDAY as well as SYLVIE'S LOVE with Tessa Thompson and Eva Longoria, which premiered at Sundance earlier this year and will be distributed by Amazon. Tone's recent Films, LITTLE, starring Issa Rae, Regina Hall and Marsai Martin  produced by Will Packer and DOG DAYs starring Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Rob Corddry, and Adam Pally are available on Hulu, as well as DVD and Blu-ray.

Tone is originally from Atlanta and currently resides in Los Angeles.

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