Mizner Park Comedy Club Ambassadors

Mizner Park Comedy ClubThe Mizner Park Comedy Club (MPCC), managed by Comic Cure, is looking for ambassadors invested in fully engaging local residents and organizations to bring laughter to our community. MPCC strives to create a vibrant culture, where laughter unites and engages for a common good. Sound like something you’d like to be part of? Apply to join our ambassador team.

Located inside the Mizner Park Cultural Center in downtown Boca Raton, MPCC is quickly gaining popularity for its unique platform centered on local artists and non-profit causes. In addition, showcasing top tier comedians from around the country (and beyond!) attracts new audiences to the Club and creates valuable performance opportunities for local talent. Since opening in November 2017, MPCC has shined the spotlight on 40+ local comedians and 10+ local non-profits, making an immediate and positive impact on the community.

At the Mizner Park Comedy Club, our people reflect our values: funny, professional, supportive, local, diverse. Ambassadors with these values will help to spread the word, find non-profit partners, identify talent and volunteer at events.

This opportunity is ideal for local leaders, including young professionals, parents, civic leaders, those involved in student life and many more engaged individuals across the area. While interconnectedness with Boca will be a focal point in the selection process, a sense of humor is equally as important.  So, show us who you are, what makes you laugh and how you can make a difference as a Mizner Park Comedy Club Ambassador.

Comic Cure