Book LaTice now by email or phone at (786) 564-2291. Videos: Bio: LaTice was born and raised in the suburbs of South Jersey and has turned the challenges of being black in a white neighborhood into comedy. Her conversational style makes you feel like you’re in her living room laughing about interracial marriage, being a parent, reality TV, ridiculous commercials and her day-to-day encounters. LaTice will pull you […]

Kira Soltanovich

Book Kira now by email or phone at (786) 564-2291. Video: Bio: Kira Soltanovich grew up in San Francisco during a time when there were bad neighborhoods, cheap coffee and it wasn’t ironic to ride the cable cars. She began her comedy career back in 1998 after asking her Russian immigrant parents if they would support her dream to become a stand up. […]

Angela Nacca

Book Angela now by email or phone at (786) 564-2291. Video: Bio: Representing all the Moms, wives, working and menopausal woman of the world Angela Nacca will keep you laughing, telling the stories of her 36 year marriage, her career in the medical profession to the trials of menopause like “doing a little pee pee in your pants when you laugh […]

Bear Webb

Book Bear now by email or phone at (786) 564-2291. Video: Bio: Bear is a nationally known comedian who has worked with such greats as Louie Anderson, Tommy Davidson, and Rosie O’Donnell. She was recently named Florida’s Funniest Female 2016. Self described as a cross between Ron White and Sam Kinison, Bear will have you laughing in seconds. With a […]